Our Approach

ALLEA helps you succeed in all your project requirements and business needs. You receive services to capture your clients' interest in your service and product offerings which help you grow and prosper your business. ALLEA follows a project approach that involves you the client in each phase of the project to keep you informed and adjust the project as we work through it. You have no surprises.

The following is an example of our approach for our mobile and web sites projects:


In our first "discovery" meeting
We gather information and discuss your business needs.
Who is your target market? Who is your ideal client? What added value can your business provide to your clients? Why should clients buy your service or products? In summary, we want to understand your business as if it is ours, so that we will feel informed and connected to your business to help you succeed.​

We discuss website design and website branding.
Which logo, templates and colour schemes your business has or would like to show as a final product. Which style of fonts, background images and colouring would you want your clients to see when they open your website on their computers, laptops and cell phones.

​We discuss website content.
How many web pages will you require? Which interactive features fit your business needs? What is the foreseen text that these web pages will have? Are bilingual web pages required?

When we build and develop your project
We build. We prototype a skeleton of your new website design giving you the very first look at how your business will be represented on the web. This prototype will include Logo, images, colour schemes, web pages, and interactive features. Your important feedback is noted and incorporated in your final product.

We build. Based on your feedback and comments, we build and demonstrate a pre-final version of your interactive website design and web site, for your comments and final and last touches.

We launch your interactive website design and web site. We register your domain, hosting platform, and launch your new interactive web site on the web. Search engines find you. Clients find you. You engage clients. You make sales!

We launch your web site social media presence on Facebook. We create your Facebook social media business page and launch your business on Facebook. Your friends find your business. Your friends Like your business. Friends of your friends find your business. Friends of friends Like your business. Everyone on Facebook finds your business. Everyone on Facebook Likes your business. You make sales!

We launch your web site social media presence on Twitter. We create your Twitter Business Web Site Social Media Page and launch your business on Twitter. Followers see your tweets. Followers see your promotions. Followers see your business. You make clients! You make sales!​

We support you
We stand by your side. We make the changes and modifications to your website design, website, social media Facebook and Twitter pages as your business evolves and client offerings change. We guarantee this service, if within 5 business days your requested change is not complete, your monthly fee is FREE! ​

We do all of this with an air of simplicity where you will fully understand what will be done and when it will be done.