Using Text Messaging (SMS) to reach your customers

Is your business ready to utilize the power of text message marketing? It is incredible to think that many businesses are overlooking one of the most cost effective marketing strategies there is today. In a recent survey, over 90% of people open and read their text messages within 3 minutes of receiving a text. This...
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Shop Local!

In the age of e-Commerce stores and online retail businesses, the internet is taking more than their fair share of consumers’ money, and it’s easy to forget the little guy who owns a shop in your local community. There are many reasons to use the internet for your online shopping needs, but in order to...
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Project Essentials: Project Management

Proper project management is all about delivering a business plan for clients and getting them the best return on their investment. In any business, it’s often most cost effective to use a highly skilled project management company; this will ensure that the project is implemented in the most efficient way possible, guaranteeing a smooth and...
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