How SMS drives car sales for automotive dealerships

U-Control Marketing, business partner of Allea and a specialist service provider in the automotive industry (digital and mobile advertising) is working with Eventbrite to deliver a highly effective campaign for a London Ontario based dealership.​

What is the usage of Short Code Services

  • Business / Customer lead generation
  • Information on demand
  • SMS Contest, polling & voting service
  • Feedback from customers, employees or any target group.
  • Database creation of potential customers (Region wise, product wise, etc.)
  • Online surveys for real time results.

Airport Hyundai London is having fantastic success with tablets at the service and sales counters to help visitors to the dealership opt in to the SMS campaign. Cleverly using the two-way response features as standard within Eventbrite they are setting up a 2 day sale that will result in a massive ROI with one simple, perfectly timed SMS campaign.​

They will send out a SMS to just over 1,000 people informing them of a 2 day sale where they asked their target audience to text back the word ‘Sale’ to register their interest in the sale.

Projected Results

  • 34 instant responses texting in ‘Sale’ to their inbound line
  • A further 45 calling to register their interest and ask for more information
  • And they are planning to sell 10 cars
  • What they need to do well
  • Conditioned their list (all past users)
  • Kept the message simple
  • Engaged their audience with mobile
  • Used a simple branded keyword to measure engagement
  • Strong CTA

“Using mobile marketing in the automotive industry has its unique benefits and with the two-way communication inbound feature set up is a great way to record and capture the data to help with future sales and promotions.”

For those who replied to the message with ‘Sale’ they received an automatic response message thanking them for registering their interest and that a sales representative will contact them shortly with further information. This ensures that the customer knows that the message was received and adds a level of care to the customers.

Why it will work

When it comes to any sort of communication between business and consumer there is a lot of noise going on plus the added distractions of day to day life. Using mobile has the ability to cut through straight to the target audience with 97% of messages being read within the first 3mins.

The other great attribute to this type of marketing is that they were able to segment their database and send their campaign to previous buyers. This allows them to position and phrase their message in a particular way to a list that is already aware of them and is coming from a trusted source. Note: this particular database was previous customers that were about ready for an upgrade. Targeting and relevance was at the core of this campaign!​

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