Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

The Out of home advertising industry is booming into an exciting transformation providing powerful branding, digital displays, message text (SMS), social and mobile media marketing.  Did you know that 72% of adults age 18+ have seen digital Out-Of-Home (OOH) ads in the past month? One-half of Canadian adults claim to have taken action after seeing digital out-of-home advertising by going to a website or seeking further information.

Allea's mission is to connect its clients and advertisers to various digital out-of-home platforms to offer an exciting new interactive way to advertise promotional campaigns. Get Connected!


OCTOBER 2015! ALLEA is launching a community message center digital billboard to support the local economy and local businesses. RESERVE NOW @ Rockland Message Center

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Digital signage is among the most popular out-of-home advertising service, and these advertising TV displays have become a common view in bars, clubs, arenas, malls, retail outlets, stadiums, airports and others.

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