Visit 25 Business in 25 Days for a chance to win $1,000!

A chance to win $1,000

We have an adventure for you!!

Visit 25 businesses from November 20th to December 15th 2017 and get a chance to win $1,000 before Christmas!

How to register and instructions

  • Click the blue button "I WANT TO PARTICIPATE"
  • Enter and submit your information using the form
  • A Bingo Card (PDF format) will be sent to your email 
  • Keep your bingo card safe at all times!!
  • With your Bingo Card printed, visit 25 businesses to get a stamp to stick to one of the 25 spaces
  • Once all filled, send in your card using the following options:
  • Email: * take a photo of your full Bingo Card
  • Mail: Allea Marketing Solutions, 2735 Sylvain, Rockland, ON, K4K 1S6

Good Luck!


View below the participating businesses!

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Participating Businesses

Visit 2832 Laurier St

Visit 9071 County Rd 17

Visit 2737 Laurier St

Visit 9040 County Rd 17

Visit 2058 Laurier St ou 2756 Chamberland

Visit 2747 Chamberland

Visit 2865 Laurier St

Visit 8501 County Rd 17

Visit 632 Gareau St

Visit 2452 Laurier St

Visit 2901 Laurier St

Visit 2026 Laurier St

Visit 1653 Laurier St

Visit 1608 Laurier St

Visit 2780 Chamberland St

Visit 1624 Laurier St

Visit 724 Rue Giroux

Visit 1657 Laurier St

Visit 733 Industrielle St

Visit 4 - 2848 Laurier St

Visit 9040 County Rd 17

Visit 928 Laporte St

Visit 2784 Laurier St #5